Sunday, July 19, 2015

Signs | Street | Weather in OU

Its Sunday July 19th 2015, the morning starts off with clear skies far and scattered clouds. By 10 am the sun was so hot and humid that you had to run AC. By past 12 noon it was reaching the boilers when I decided to take a walk.
I left Patricio and Andrea making some delicious pasta and It wasn’t so much the idea of walking the heat off, but I needed an flag for something and headed uptown. Humid as it was I met up with Bose from African Studies office with visiting friends from Cleveland. You couldn’t resist the humid air, when we decided to hide under a tree to chart.

Going uptown, takes you to a series of outlets, most of which are restaurants handout spots, and this being a University town, you can imagine how hectic or exciting it gets when schools are open and summer break is over. 

The streets were clear and a bit somber. As I passed in front of Schoonover Center, I couldn’t  help but hear someone explain to his mother about comments on the race card. 
Well having done a story on this I went on my way to find this flag when Court Street vibe of cars and walking people went on their ways. I headed to the grocery-pharmacy to hunt for the flag to no avail. Disappointed as I was, I decided to stroll and take a few photos of the street and surroundings. My thoughts were more about the seemingly slow town with quiet streets but busy during the week and so I met up with a Church and thought to myself, you know, if I was home, salvation would be a to sing.
Walking down the streets past the church was an old fellow with a helping stick and I got busy with the empty traffic lights and walk ways. Signs mostly captured my attention.

There are way too many directions, stop signs, warning signs, no trespass signs, parking notices, many halls and houses on Green Street of the University. I came across a squirrel that was busy cutting but not chewing the grass as it collected most of it and jumped here and there until it climbed the tree, what seemed to be a house building project.
Going back home was salivating as I was invited for lunch. A common resemblance still showed truth, thats the heat, and with Athens, if it gets that hot, be sure that rain will come down before you can smell it. An hour or so later after lunch winds came with rain hitting hard as the breeze came through the door with a flood warning sent via mobile phones to last until 4am. The day went excellent with a walk in the evening to downtown by foot, but had to catch a cab due to yet another session of drizzle turning into rain. A day like Sunday full of different weather warnings in Athens looks normal as earlier in the day, residents went to the pool to have a good time. My day closed with a few movies,when looking back no wonder that the first thing to buy in Athens is a rain coat.

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