Monday, July 6, 2015

Small Talks with SUSI scholars on Video Shooting Day

By Huyen Nguyen

Surprisingly, many SUSI scholars are not comfortable in front of the camera, because they are more often behind it. Therefore, small talks become very good ice-breakers. Here we recall some very nice stories besides the official video shots.

Home-made food is the best!
After three days, Shwe Sin Khaing, from Burma, started craving for home-made food, especially rice. Luckily, she saw a post on Facebook showcasing food from SUSI fellow Kenneth Moeng (nickname Ken), from Botswana. He was actually making his awesome Spaghetti Ala Botswana.

Spaghetti Ala Botswana, a special dish made by Kenneth Moeng. Photo taken from his Facebook post.  

Following a nice chat, Shwe Sin was invited to Apartment 607 for breakfast on the next day. This time, Govinda Pariyar, from Nepal, was the chef with his fantastic Khukura Ko Masu (Chicken Curry with Rice). "The food was so good. I am glad that they are cooking and inviting me for a meal," Khaing said.
Khaing also let us know that she had shopped enough groceries from Walmart to prepare a traditional fried rice dish. We believe that she would invite her fellows to try a taste very soon.
Similarly, Trung Bui, from Vietnam, has been very active in cooking for his roommates. He brought some instant noodles from home, and mixed it with vegetables, chickens and other ingredients in America. "It reminds me of my studying time in Russia. I cooked a lot," Bui said.
Other scholars who have planned to make food included Patricio Vasquez, from Chile. He told us that he was going to make Pineapple Pie for everyone to try.

Other food options for busy days
Half of the scholars would vote for a convenient, healthy diet with fresh fruits, yogurt, cheese, beans, and vegetables.
"I don't do cooking a lot," said professor Andrea Mino Viteri, from Ecuador. "I bought cereal bars, cheese, hams, some basic stuff for survival."
Sara Namusoga, from Uganda, had her first meal at Buffalo Wild Wing with a combo of mushroom and French fries. Not a big fan of meats, she went shopping for beans, veggies and cheese.

Greens was also the best option for Anna Lelik, a young journalism trainer from Kyrgyzstan. She had just had some salad for lunch before her video shooting schedule.
"I'm a big fan of hummus," she added. "In Kyrgyzstan, we have to prepare it ourselves, but here I can buy it at Walmart. It's kind of painful if I have to make hummus myself. The peas need up to 16 hours to absorb water before we can process it."
Coming from Athens, Greece, professor Betty Tsakarestou was not unfamiliar with American food. Coming to Athens, Ohio, she paid more attention to available healthy food options, especially organic foods, which is a "fast growing global movement."

Poetry night is up!
For Ken, Athens was such a muse. Creative works kept coming out of his mind, and he was really enthusiastic with having a poetry night in the upcoming days. Among his first poems was Sundry Minds. Click on the video to enjoy Ken's poem recited by himself.

Sundry Minds
Bloom so bright and kind in the morning like Athens
Through the day, silk into a colour of scent
Like rain from the milky sky upon these giggles
As sundry minds ponder the next drop.

Who is Who?
Just a few days, but SUSI scholars quickly recognized prominent features of their fellows. Professor Inna Sukhenko, from Ukraine, said she was very impressed by how fast roommate Andrea Mino Viteri can run.
"She makes everyone jog with her along the river, she always encourages us to do exercises," Sukhenko said.
Professor Viteri happily explained jogging would help a lot after days eating fast food like pizzas. "I'm surprised by the size of pizzas here. There are 16-piece pizza, and that's why we have to jog and gym," she said.

Professor Yan Lin would absolutely agree with her, because she also told us the size of food serving in America gave her an incentive to take a walk on the trail nearby.
Also, according to Sukhenko, Bruce Lui, from Hong Kong, was the one who can organize everyone, and Ken always made everyone laugh.

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