Friday, July 17, 2015


by Kenneth O Moeng

Mr. Steven Schoonover
This is where it all started, when Mr. Steven Schoonover donated $7.5 million to build the ‘ choonover Centre 236’  by combing a number of schools in one building. According to Ohio University ‘ the building at the time of inception, was meant to house the college’s five schools and the WOUB Center for Public Media in one facility that joins the former Baker Center and the Radio-Television building’.

Michael Brelo
Having visited Cleveland and spoke to the folks at The CallandPost Newspaper, Mr. Schooners' unfortunate remarks reported by The Columbus Dispatch,  Bellefontaine Examiner, The College Fix to name a few, reminded me of the shock in Cleveland where residents await Judge John O’Donnell’s verdict
A one Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo among others, awaits his fate after allegedly shooting and killing 4 black people after a police chase, where one victim was shot with well over 130 BULLETS, in what the community calls racially motivated murder.
What I have seen personally in America in the last three weekends at Athens is that, every American from any denomination or lifestyle is protected by the constitution of America to say what they want to say even if it hurts other people. I recall that when discussing with Bill Reader in one of our lecture lessons, he reminded that;
…’ Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws’ 
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
By Govind Pariyar
So, from the Payne Cemetery of 1852 to Straightsville History, strikes a common unjust cord where color or indifference determines societal status and influence. Meanwhile though, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame clearly exemplifies the balance of a liberal society that lives within the parallels of worth. As the saying goes,‘…music transcends races, cultures and bonds people like faith’… for me Rock & Roll Hall of Fame showed these combinations. 
The CallandPost attested the latter story of brutal killings, that the judiciary including the mayor and police chief often, meets up with the paper to help better inform and address local issues,  commendable. The CallandPost celebrates 125 years this year and  the owner Mr. Don King could not be any happier.
Call and Post Newsboys
The CallandPost most famous collection is this picture that unfortunately at the moment has only about 2-3 people recognized from it, needless to say, 125 years is virtuous.
Its has become almost common practice that all businesses I have seen in the state of Ohio including the State House in Columbus, preserves and promotes the safe keep of history and traditions. This reminds me of how Columbus Dispatch Newspaper tells  us  about how some of the employees have been with the Newspaper from the beginning to-date or how President Abraham Lincoln used to sit in the chairs still present in the House. A thing that one must take home.
Its unforgiving, as these students below say it, that Schooner should have never uttered any such words like;                              
So if you are worried about the petition by the faculty just play the race card and call them racists and make them defend themselves!”
We should remove his name off the walls of this hall based on his comments”…says the students.
Whether you are at the Columbus State House or in Sugarcreek, residents seem focused in protecting what they believe in, while those with dissenting voices have a fair chance.
Whether its the idea of celebrating the arrival of the craft in Pluto, ( A World Wide Celebration for Humanity), or the arrival of #SUSI2015 scholars. Issues closer to people’s heart here, will still be spoken about and those in protest  heard, like this four students.
My take in a plural democracy, at least within Ohio University, is that, without advantage of indifference or undue influence of power over those without a say or might, taking from the history of the counties i have visited. Quiet often it is the meantime to apology, that gains you lost trust, or the ability to live within the means of your status which holds your heart’s content.
Learning American culture with the Amish community taught me the need for forgiveness and apology. That, what they do, they do it within the confines of Holy Bible.

One could therefore ask! Does power, media and people ever connect anywhere, or does a scholar or the opposite of it; allow for any cohesive involvement in decision making or commentary. That is; those in capacity or those who are able, influence the direction of change in the lives of the ordinary even when the obvious is selfness. Similarly dependence on any source of present power wilds a succumbed expectation on others.

My thoughts of Tongue in Cheek are that, it is not so much the words said in jest, but the unprecedented effects of the words said, which will and or can inform policy and direction of Ohio University. Public opinion in itself is not a guarantee of choice by or for the same people, as multiple scenarios of choices in life happen every millisecond, something that Parul Jain, social Health Communications Scholar may agree with.

By imagining the good or bad of us, is a result of an implied feeling about self.

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