Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wrong Turn

By Kenneth " Cutrite" Moeng

Google earth, route 33
Friday night the July 10th 2015, was an exciting, chilly and at times happy encounter, hence the wrong turn.

We veered off the Route 33 East Bound, because looking at the time, we would have never made it on time to the Jazz Festival and be able to bring back the University Vehicle on time.
This agreed we searched for a way to turn back to Athens and the rain was not making it easy for us.
After an array of turns in what movie makers would call the wrong turn, we ultimately got into Route 33 West Bound and i can tell you that we passed a number of things. A cemetery is one, houses that looks deserted based on location, roads that are steep and dark.
But looking back, i remember that we even had cars that passed us at some point and this is after we were saved by Mr. Bruce with his backup for us to charge and reload Google maps.
Most of the people in the Bus, were excited, especially with the police encounter, the knocking on the window and the almost slow movement of the car. After all was done, we arrived safely at campus and what a feeling it was.
The Right Turn
On Google earth it shows that where we turned and just before parking, we should have done a 360 Degree turn into Route 33 West Bound .The Police came in handy as the car was apparently driving slow and escorted the crew.

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