Saturday, August 1, 2015


By Kenneth Moeng
Botswana Depository at Ohio University, Athens-Ohio USA

Botswana’s depository section at Ohio University could have not impressed me any better. The idea of the reasons behind the depository are immense by any measure and more thought through than any idea to sell Botswana. Centre for International Collection houses many different countries.What caught my eye was the extent of varied books and journals from Botswana. Despite the outdated books on the rack this goes a long way to show our collection for research for well over 20,000 students or those interested in learning and or studying about us. The books include, school books, government documents, atlas, setswana written books.Speaking to Batswana who are at the University, they tell me that they have actually now started an International class on Setswana at the University under African Studies, a commendable thing indeed. 

A lot of what is missing at this depository is the urban written literature or books that have been written the last 3 years including, literary arts, culture, economy, lifestyle of Botswana and historical books.

I implore to the Universities in Botswana, writers and publishers to register their works with the University of Ohio in Athens.

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