Saturday, August 8, 2015


By Kenneth Moeng

San Francisco-CA
San Francisco
The solemn nature of high
opting for an onslaught of the evening madness
so is the smell of grass 
broken but somehow together
a city wild but tamed embracing cultures
fragile for the lot that face my scare

San, you lay bare at the bayfront
blued like this eye by the bridge, 
or the duck front of the beach
as the sun rises amongst your golden scene under this bridge
You remain kind to abuse

I figured, you can’t be ignored,
though tired of the walks,
the trains tempting,
the asian sense of color brewing,
on the sides of desolate struggle
You have uttered nothing more than a breeze like a bridged mind of chances 
for a city like you affords none but much to willing takers
allow me to take AEJMC 

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