Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dinner in the USA

Produced & edited by Daniel Supervielle
Montevideo, Uruguay.

Food. Tons of food. Bread. Bacon. Eggs. More food. Soda. Sugar. Sauce. More bread. Chicken. Smashed potatoes. Pepsi. Sprite. More cheese. Subway. And more food. No chance to be hungry. Hamburgers. And sausages. And cake. Strawberry cake. Chocolate pie. Bread with garlic. Soup. Creams. More sugar. Honey. Corn flakes. French Bread. Chicken wings. Fried potatoes. And Coca Cola. Big size. ¿Do you want more? Bread. Meat. Pork. Cheese. Roast beef. Sugar. More bread. And cream. ¿Do you want more cream? Eat. Eat. Eat. And bread with butter. And more food. No matter if you are hungry. Eat. More food. And more food. And cream and sugar. And bread. And fried potatoes with vinaigrette and pasta. Pasta with some mushrooms. And sugar. Honey. Natural. Fat milk. Maize. Porridge. Sugar and bread. And also extra cream with nuts. Cashew. More food. Millions of tons of food. Salad. Bread. More bread. Bacon. Fried bacon. Rice. Forgotten de rice. Rice with pieces of lamb. Orange juice. Banana juice and hamburger with cheese and bread. Double size. Triple size. One more dollar extra. Food. More food. I`m not hungry. Eat. Bread with sugar and cakes of tomatoes with soup of bacon with garlic and coca cola with cream of nuts and fried potatoes with boiled eggs and cheese with a strawberry pie and ice cream on the top. Food. Eat. Eat. Eat. Eat.

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