Friday, July 22, 2016

Minds together: Shine bright like a diamond

It is known for those who are involved in the precious stones business and even those who are non-experts but diamonds lovers, that the more faces may diamond has the more expensive, glittering and brighter it would be. This fact is typically true not only in this context, but it is also pretty correct in human communication interaction and brain storming sessions. I always assume that as much as the only one face stone is cheap and dark, the one direction conversation and uni-voice dialogue is worthless and invaluable.  

Speak up, I want to hear you!

It is fine to remember "Read all about it" of Emile Sande, my favourite singer, saying: "You've got the words to change a nation but you're biting your tongue, you've spent a life time stuck in silence afraid you'll say something wrong, if no one ever hears it how we gonna learn your song, So come on .. come on", every time we gather as SUSI scholars to have a new knowledge or visit any place I just think about these words again and again, discovering the the beauty of multiplicity and the improvement potentials that are reflected through conversations and listening to different voices from various perspectives.

Focus group discussion

When we talk together at the same point, each one of us add new face to the reality, exactly as adding new faces to the diamond to become brighter and more glittering. I have the same hope every time to listen to more and more voices, so that the ideas in my mind become clearer and brighter. I believe that allowing more voices to speak and giving them all equal opportunity to say what they want is the right way to make our life richer and human even if we are completely disagree with them. The unexpected irony is that we all discovered that areas of similarities, in almost everything, are wider than we thought previously. We become happy of the same things, and upset from same circumstances, laughing of the same joke, respecting same good values, and even tasting and liking same food! Eventually, I am absolutely convinced that respectfulness of difference, whatever it might be, is our only way to survive.  

Friends wherever you go 

The beauty of difference is in its ability to make those who are convinced that it is must to coexist are willing more than others to change themselves and make what they think are necessary adjustments in their behaviour or feelings, these changes would not be happened without this conviction.
 From Hong kong, sudan, Estonia, Romania, Ecuador, Uruguay, Tunisia, Egypt, Malta, Papua New Genie, Ghana, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Russia, Mongolia, Nepal, the scholars built bridges of rapport and understanding to connect their hearts and minds and preserve the connections to keep friendship in all countries of the world and let the diamond shines bright.


Produced & Edited by:
 Fatma El-zahraa M. Elsayed

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