Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cooking without spice….
Produced & Edited by A H

I travel a lot, but this is for the first time I am visiting the United States. Usually, when I visit any country for few weeks I carry with me a small box of special spices. ‘My specie box’ travels with me so that if I have to prepare any food for special occasion I can use them. Species work like magic; its powerful aroma increase the test of the food more than anything! However, during my last travels and staying longer period outside of my home country, especially in Australia and the United Kingdom, I found super shops selling different types of fresh species. I started to feel I don’t need to carry my special specie box anymore. What you need is just to look for them in right place.

I also have a habit to collect spices from different places. Especially, when I go to restaurants I try to find opportunity how I can ask the chief what has made a dish so special. Then I buy that specific spice and cook my special dish following my own way. And I like experimenting foods. Most of the time it turns out to be tasty. But sometimes my experiments fail. Sometimes not carrying my own and ‘special’ spice box is a wrong decision. My stay in the United States reminds me of that mistake. You won’t believe, in my first week in the United States I cooked without any spice. What I bought from Walmart was not at all tasteful specie I ever tested in my whole life. Thanks to our Ohio colleague Professor Jatin Srivastava who helped me to end my ‘life without specie’ at last. Frankly speaking, I am not that type of person who can’t live without her traditional dishes (despite my fascination with special spice). However, for my floor mate who loves only noodles and rice, and because of her, my chance to try cooking American cuisine has become very slim. Well...Sticking with Asian Cuisine reminds me “My spices box” as it echo’s "Veritas ex gustu".

                                                        Photo: Our first spice less food

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