Friday, July 21, 2017

What if…

By Pascale Chemaly.

Are you familiar with the Amish community? I wasn’t until 2 days ago. 

If you are familiar with this community means you know by now that they are the most traditional community, known for simple living, refusal to adopt modern technology. So I was wondering while exploring this community: “What If I was born Amish?” when I heard a 20 years old female saying I was born and raised Amish till the age of 16. I turned and asked her: “why you chose to leave?” she replied because I wanted to become a nurse. Did you regret that? She said not really because I still have a good and close relationship with my parents. Family was important to her and at the same time she wanted to practice her religion and pursue her education. What about you?

 Though we were Introduced as SUSSI Scholars to Mennonites, which are also Anabaptists and come from the same Protestant tradition like Amish but what differ them is that Mennonites can pursue their education, drive cars, use technology and are less traditional but share the same religious beliefs. So what if? I guess I would be a Mennonite. 

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