Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Squirrel journey in Athens Ohio

Like a squirrel jumping from a tree to tree to find a piece of wood in the gardens surrounding River Parks Apartments in Athens Ohio, you can just walk to the Schoonover school in a humid evening then turn right and walk straight down to the end then right again to the Main Street just to find on your left-hand side the Farmacy: a small and rare to find shop full of goodness.
If you happen to be a vegan squirrel and in love with healthy food, that is the place to go. As Des showed me this shop in our way to Kruger last weekend, you will just find there all types of non-dairy milks, grains, nuts, natural cereals and crackers. Of course, there is much more than that. You will just grab your cereal and crackers to have something for breakfast. 
In your way to the Farmacy you will get across Athens Yoga. If you are a Yoga lover, this is good news for you. But remember, everything here closes at 6 pm. So, you better catch them in the lunch break and check their time schedule and prices. Right after the Yoga shop, you will find the Ambassador, the oldest laundry in Athens Ohio. Of course, you don't need that because you have your laundry in the same building where you live: building one, sixth floor. But, if you need any alterations or to change a zipper of a trouser, this is the place to go. It will just take them one and a half weeks to two weeks: fingers crossed! 
Anyways, you will just keep walking forward to get back home from the other direction. Passersby will tell you that you must go to the end to get back to River Park apartments. But when you reach there, you will find the street blocked for some works being done there. On your right-hand side, you will find a much bigger Jackio’s than that in the town, with sitting area in the open air. Well you can plan to have a vegan pizza there in the weekend. People there will tell you to go back because the road is blocked. 

In your way back, you will decide to turn left through the first street on your left hand side. When you reach, the intersection of Elliot and Milli streets you will find a green apples tree. The first ever green apples tree you see in your life. It will remind you of Newton and his gravity law, and you will make sure that your vegan journey as a squirrel was worthwhile. By then, your eyes will catch the banner of River Park, where you reside, and you will just keep walking straight back. 

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